Voice lessons cost $50+ an hour. The VOICE Mailer costs $20 a month. Do the math.

Sign up below to be the first to know when the VOICE Mailer goes live. In each monthly subscription package, you’ll get…

7 new vocal exercises to try

We’ll send you printed versions of new vocal exercises. You’ll also be given an access code that’ll let you stream recordings of the exercises online.

  • Three of the exercises will be warm-ups intended to prime your voice for healthy practicing & performing.
  • Three more exercises will focus on improving a specific element of singing, like range, agility, or tone.
  • One exercise will take an integrative approach & get your whole body moving. (Think yoga or dynamic stretching, but add your voice.) You’ll come to discover that your voice is way more than just your throat, lungs, & mouth.

Personal coaching on demand

Each VOICE Mailer membership comes with personal access to Alma’s coaching cell phone in case you have quick questions or are stuck in a rut on your vocal journey. She’ll help you troubleshoot &—if you ask—even check in now & then to see how your practicing is coming along.

A practice log to help you achieve your goals

Accountability is hard. So use our mini-practice log to celebrate your wins by marking off each calendar day. Set your goals using our simple starter prompts & get to work.

A featured voice (which could be you someday)

Learn from your peers! A new artist is featured in each VOICE Mailer. They’ll share tips, bad habits, & whatever is #nowplaying in their earbuds. And once you subscribe to the Mailer, you can apply to be featured yourself so that you can share all that vocal wisdom you’ve been hoarding.