Jazz singer Betsy Ezell talks joys, challenges of balancing parenting & music

Madison-based singer Betsy Ezell sat down with me in July to chat about her musical journey. She shared the story of how, born into a family of mathematicians, she fell in love with music early on and later found a home in jazz. Betsy also shared what it’s like to balance singing, songwriting, a PR […]

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Singer-songwriter Lily Virginia: “I’m tired of being strategic.”
Singer-songwriter Lily Virginia

Enjoy this conversation with Lily Virginia, a New York-based artist who joined me in LA for an encouraging, insightful interview. We cover all kinds of things: Lily’s songwriting philosophies, her treasured friendship with her producer, how she’s grown her newsletter organically, PR advice, the challenges of trying to become a full-time musician, and more. “I […]

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Comparing yourself to others: A lesson from Atlas Shrugged (3-minute read)
Alma Cook draws from Atlas Shrugged, writing about comparing yourself to others

If you’d like to write a guest post for this blog, send your pitch to voices@hearalma.com. Anyone who’s come in contact with me in the last month knows that I’ve been working my way through the 63-hour audiobook that is Atlas Shrugged (three hours of which are taken up by one famously long monologue). A lot could be […]

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Is the ASCAP Expo worth it? It depends.
Is the ASCAP Expo worth it? Alma Cook and Miguel "Goda" Godínez give you their honest take in this episode.
Is the ASCAP Expo worth it? Alma Cook and Miguel "Goda" Godínez give you their honest take in this episode.

This episode of VOICES gets at a question that many songwriters, producers, and musicians ask Google every year: Is the ASCAP Expo worth it? The ASCAP Expo is a three-day conference put on annually by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of music industry professionals gather at the Loews Hotel […]

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How to get started in session singing & voice acting: Mella Barnes shares tips & experiences
How to get started in session singing

Mella Barnes is a full-time session singer based in Nashville. As it happens, I’ve been looking to learn more about session work, commissioned songwriting, & voiceovers—so I loved having the chance to pick her brain about all of the above. Born into a family of musicians and audio engineers, Mella got an early start in […]

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Athlete-turned-poet Darien Pasulka shares his origin story (& you’ve never heard anything like it)
Darien Pasulka of Da$Htone

Two weeks into the school year, one of Oak Park High’s best football players showed up to practice 45 minutes late. It was a pivotal day for Darien Pasulka, who—despite how furious his coach got—decided it was time for a change. He left the game for good, and today more people know Darien (Da$H) for poetry and […]

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Economist Bob Murphy on public speaking, standing up to bullies, & co-hosting Contra Krugman
Artwork of the Contra Krugman podcast

Bob Murphy is an economist on staff at Texas Tech, the author of several economics books including Choice & The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, & the co-host of a podcast called Contra Krugman. The gist of Contra Krugman is this: Every week, Bob & his co-host Tom Woods take a recent New York Times column from Paul Krugman & pick it apart, saying, “Here’s […]

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Actor/singer Dan Olivo: “You are enough.”
Dan Olivo, actor & singer

Dan Olivo has been immersed in the performing arts since birth. His parents, both Italian actors, met when his mother auditioned for a play at the theatre company his father founded. Sitting in on his parents’ rehearsals as a young kid, Dan developed a sharp awareness of his surroundings—& he liked what he saw. “My mom said I would sit […]

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Public or charter? Music educator Nathan Howe shares pros & cons of both teaching environments
Introspective woman alone in profile

A guest post by Nathan Howe (@natehowe). Nathan is a choral composer and the producer of the new education podcast Pounding Erasers. He taught public school music for 8 years, and he now works in higher education. If you’d like to write a guest post for this blog, send your pitch to voices@hearalma.com. Public school advocates […]

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Ear training for pop singers—worth it?
EarMaster is the most promising ear training software
Though there's no substitute for a good old-fashioned classroom when it comes to ear training, EarMaster ($60) is your best bet in the software department.

This is a short episode on ear training. Though I can’t actually train your ear in the span of 8 minutes, I can share why I think it’s important (even for pop singers!) & point you in the right direction. I also made a few original resources for you as well—two worksheets & a video—which you […]

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