What is the VOICES podcast?

VOICES is a podcast for singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, & more. It explores the worlds of speaking & singing through…

Interviews with voice users of all kinds— singers, teachers, actors, storytellers, YouTubers, pastors, politicians, etc.—to break down their techniques & experiences.

Exploration & evaluation of vocal resources like videos, essays, equipment, books, & classes, plus the creation of worksheets & instructional videos made just for you.

"Ask the audience" episodes that pose voice-related questions to the masses and compile the responses.

Giveaways geared toward voice users & music lovers.

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About Alma

Alma Cook, founder of the VOICES podcast

I'm Alma Cook (@HearAlma), a singer-songwriter originally from Madison, Wisconsin, & now based in Los Angeles. My biggest passion is conversation—asking questions that cause people to think more deeply about their choices & assumptions. These questions are peppered throughout the music I make, but they're also worked into discussion groups I lead, talks I give, things I write, & everyday interactions I have as I go about my daily life.

I don't consider myself a voice expert. I majored in vocal performance at Columbia College Chicago, but truth is that I'm a songwriter first, musical arranger second, & singer third. In fact, want me to be honest? I'm not even close to being a full-time musician. I work by day as a copy editor for an online encyclopedia. I'm just like most of you: hustling to subsidize my own artistry.

So that's me! You can follow me on Instagram/Facebook or hit me up at alma@hearalma.com. I'd love to hear from you.

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